Client Care Assessment

The Client Care Assessment begins with calling our office and speaking with our professional and experienced Administrator who will help you navigate the home healthcare system so your family can consider what is best for your family. The Administrator will assess your loved one’s care needs and frequency and desired time- frame of visits. We will check staffing and within 24 hours can communicate when service can be initiated. A schedule can be generated with our goal being continuity of care aide.

A FREE  in-home assessment with our Nursing Supervisor with your loved one and family member completes the assessment process. Mobilization and aids are reviewed. Monitored process for medications and other monitored nursing tasks such as catheter care are reviewed and become part of the finalized Care Plan.

The Care Plan guides Alpha’s’s care aides to the care and services requested. Care aides will sign for monitored tasks and document their visits for the client’s family and other health professionals.The clients personalized binder is left in the home and includes the Care Plan, service guideline and care aide notes.

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